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Dress Sizing

Because we are a husband and wife team, and each and every dress we sell is made by hand by us, we are more than happy to make a dress in your child’s exact measurements. That way we can get a perfect fit!                                                    *Measure around the upper chest, where the top of the dress will sit, then measure from the armpit down to the desired length.

Please Note: The standard length in my size chart is “tea” length, or mid-shin. Pricing is based on length, so if you want a longer length, select the size that shows the length you want, then include the correct chest measurements at checkout.

Bodice Variations:

We currently have 4 different Shoulder Strap Variations you can choose from.

1. Tulle Cap Sleeves – The back looks exactly like the front, these straps are permanent, and not adjustable

2. Halter Style – “V” ribbon straps come out of the front and back, so you can tie the straps over the shoulders, or tuck the back straps under and tie the front straps behind the neck. Great for sizing versatility.

3. Tank Top Style – In the front, one strap comes out of each side, like a tank top, and two straps come out of the center back, “V” style. You can tie these over the shoulder, or tuck the back straps under and tie behind the neck. Very versatile in sizing and look, you could turn the dress around and have the “V”(halter look) in front.

4. Wide Criss Cross Straps – Two straps of wide satin ribbon come out of each side in front, tank top style, and go over the shoulder and tie onto the “chestband” in back or behind the neck. There are multiple ways to tie these, either straight back or crossed over, or even a-symmetrical. This style of strap offers the most coverage in front and back and are very versatile.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions on sizing!


Fun Fact: Cameron cuts the fabric, Whitney makes the dresses!